Is your brand protected?

No matter where you fall in the food supply chain your brand is your most important asset. FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform gives you whole-chain transparency, ways to monitor consistency, and the evidence you need to prove it.

Reduce supply chain management costs by up to 30%

Can you access new customers?

To sell to new customers, you need a compelling and justifiable brand story. With FoodLogiQ connect, you can collaborate across your supply chain to find new opportunities and to document and substantiate your brand story.

Open new sales opportunities and consumer engagement will grow profits by 2-6%

Will you act—or react?

If a quality incident happens, The last thing you want to do is wait to react. Instead, you need to proactively take action – and act quickly. FoodLogiQ Connect gives you the intelligence you need to pinpoint root causes and effects, and to act confidently as needed.

Cut costs of investigation and executing withdrawals by up to 50%

Protect your brand.
Fulfill your promise.

Get peace of mind knowing that you’re delivering on your brand promise to every customer, every consumer, every time.

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Always-on transparency.

How well do your trading partners care for your brand? FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform helps you answer that question by giving you supply chain transparency: Know exactly what goes into your products, who touches them, how they are handled, and where they are throughout your extended supply chain. With complete, accurate, and up-to-date visibility into your suppliers, their practices, and the products you sell, you’ll be confident that you’re fulfilling your brand promise.

Chain-wide consistency.

Product standards alone can’t convince you that you’re fulfilling your brand promise. But FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform can. Connect ensures not only that all of your suppliers and partners know what you expect, but also that they’re consistently meeting your expectations. The more confident you are about how your suppliers are performing and what their capabilities are, the easier you can adjust as and when needed without compromising quality.

Facts you (and they) can trust.

You and your suppliers need common information to keep your finger on the pulse of quality. With features like workflow process onboarding, supplier scorecards, and comparative metrics, FoodLogiQ Connect lets you engage thoroughly with suppliers and keep your finger on the pulse of their operations. Getting the facts you need, in a way you can understand, can mean the difference between keeping and losing your customers’ trust.

Tell Your Story.
Engage New Customers.

Discover new opportunities and grow your top line by articulating your brand’s value to the right audiences.

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Consumer values? Aligned.

Are your customers bypassing brands that fail to align with their values? If they haven’t yet, they will soon, which is why you need tools to validate and articulate how your products and suppliers meet—and exceed expectations. FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform provides those tools so you can evaluate and re-evaluate how well your supply chain is keeping up with ever-higher consumer and regulatory standards.

Strengths? Touted and improved.

As a brand owner, you’re not only expected to ensure that your suppliers abide by standards, but also that they’re always striving to improve practices and to be “on it,” fast, when new requirements are introduced. FoodLogiQ Connect gives you the tools to understand the strengths and opportunities to become better across your supply chain along with the ability to see who’s aligned with new requirements so you can capture new sales opportunities.

Customers? Directly engaged.

Customers and consumers want to do business with brands that can that align with their values and can substantiate their claims. By tying your suppliers practices to your products, FoodLogiQ Connect empowers you to tell a compelling story about your brand and extended supply chain at a level that truly resonates with your consumers.

Act on issues quickly.
Reduce negative effects.

Get the intelligence you need to manage product and supplier issues – and the effects across your supply chain—fast.

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Whole-chain traceability

Although your trading partners may be capable of providing traceability within the four walls of their own supply chains, the burden of traceability ultimately rests with you, the brand owner. FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform captures the movement of products As they change hands and are converted from raw material to finished goods, giving you whole chain traceability, or a consistent, real-time view of your products across the extended supply chain.

Root-cause identification

To instantly identify suspect products and suppliers, you need whole-chain traceability that goes beyond 1-up/1-back to traceback and trace forward scenarios across the supply chain. The Connect platform provides such guidance to show you exactly where to begin your investigation so you can quickly uncover root causes. Then, armed with that With that comprehensive view, you’ll have the confidence you need to act decisively and accurately to protect your customers, consumers, and brand from non-conforming product issues.

Surgical recalls and withdrawals

Quickly identifying which products and suppliers are at issue empowers you to launch surgical product recalls and withdrawals and to recover more quickly as a supply chain. FoodLogiQ Connect not only gives you the intelligence you need to execute, but also the collaboration tools you need to disposition affected products properly while minimizing any negative effects on your brand and suppliers.

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