About Us

FoodLogiQ was founded in 2006 with a mission to create a platform with food chain-wide traceability—not just one forward and one back, but at every stop from the fields to the tables of end consumers.

Yes, it’s a big task.

Yes, at times it seems daunting.

No, it won’t happen overnight.

But it is happening.


Today, we’re using the web to bring our vision to life through the FoodLogiQ Connect platform. Connect, as its name implies, connects you to, and gives you transparency into, each component of your food supply chain. Even better, because Connect is a web-based application, it’s also mobile, so you and your teams can get your hands on the real-time data, intelligence, and insight you need to make tactical and strategic business decisions with confidence.


FoodLogiQ At A Glance

Registered Businesses


18,000 Locations

Hosted solution with enterprise security

Leveraging GS1 Standards

All major Food Industry Categories

Documented 99.99% uptime

Our Values


Whether it is helping a small citrus grower determine the best and most cost effective way to meet their customers’ requirements or tweaking the perfect guacamole recipe (Jeff swears by diced tomatoes, Wes thinks that’s sacrilege), we are a group of folks who are zealous about doing the best job we can possibly do and that translates to our solutions.


Traceability and supply chain transparency is hard work and requires innovative solutions. Out of over 200 firms who accepted the FDA challenge to deliver an approach for whole-chain traceability, we were one of only nine solutions that was up to the task. We are always looking for opportunities to be ahead of the curve and anticipate our customers needs.


We must be flexible if we want to keep you as a customer. In the ever changing food industry, we all need to be agile. You need to adapt to changing consumer tastes, new customer requirements, and evolving regulatory standards. We need to be able to adopt as well. That’s the only way we’ll be the type of company that can keep solving the problems that keep you up at night.

Join us, won’t you?

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