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We’ve built the leading food industry software solution that specializes in Supplier Management, Food Safety Compliance, Quality Incident Management, Recall Management, and Whole Chain Traceability.

World Economic Forum Releases Report on Traceability, Cites FoodLogiQ as a Promising Technology Solution

FoodLogiQ was included in a report released at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that explores transformative technologies – such as internet of things (IOT), distributed ledger technology, food sensing technologies and others – and how they can increase visibility into the production and delivery of the world’s food.

FoodLogiQ Helps You

Save Time And Money

Cut the time it takes you to manage your suppliers in half and gain full visibility into the safety and quality issues across your supply chain. Reduce the impact of FSMA and food recalls while better addressing food safety issues when they occur.
Supplier Management Software Dashboard
FoodLogiQ Helps You

Reduce Recall Costs

The average recall costs food brands over $10 million. Speed and accuracy are paramount during a recall situation, and FoodLogiQ Connect enables both. Required documentation and corrective action plans required by FSMA have to be delivered immediately – putting the system in place now will get you prepared.

“In 2018, we selected FoodLogiQ, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of food safety compliance, whole chain traceability, and supply chain transparency solutions, and its Connect Manage + Monitor product to help improve our global supply chain visibility, streamline our supplier management and build quality issue tracking and reporting. This will lay the foundation for a digital transformation of our supplier management system and test the applicability of blockchain within our supply chain.”
Tyson Foods

See FoodLogiQ in Action

Get your one-on-one consultation with a food safety expert, and learn how FoodLogiQ Connect can directly address your company’s needs.

FoodLogiQ Helps You

Give Consumers The Transparency They Crave

Consumers are more engaged and informed about their food than ever before – and if you don’t provide the rich information about your products they’re demanding, they’ll turn to a third party for it. Back up your brand promise with real data – with FoodLogiQ Connect.

“Whole Foods Market is partnering with FoodLogiQ to provide us with an effective, streamlined platform for capturing critical information about our products and suppliers. FoodLogiQ is a progressive and agile solution for product transparency, which allows us to answer questions for shoppers more easily.”
Cathy Strange, Global Cheese Buyer
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