Achieve Supplier Transparency and
Go Beyond "One-Up and One-Back"

Achieve FSMA compliance. Get more supply chain visibility.


With FoodLogiQ Connect, you will have a whole-chain transparency platform to manage your extended supply chain and be assured suppliers are meeting your specs, distributors are correctly handling your products, and retail partners are respecting your brand value.

    • Acheive FSMA compliance around documentation, supplier verification
    • Uncover facility information and connect lot and batches with EPCIS
    • Systematically on-board new suppliers and review existing relationships
    • Ensure that raw ingredients comply with standards and expectations
    • Speak a common language with providers, synchronize data
    • Substantiate product claims through documented best practices
    • Capture quality incidents and measure supplier performance
    • Capture traceability events as products move through the supply chain
    • Coordinate and document stock withdrawals and corrective actions
    • Communicate what sets your brand apart