Leading food companies are partnering with FoodLogiQ to unlock the modern supply chain with FoodLogiQ Connect

Working with Industry Leaders

Here are just a few of the companies that are using FoodLogiQ Connect to address supplier management, food traceability, food safety and sustainability in their organizations.

IPC/SUBWAY partnered with FoodLogiQ to create their enhanced traceability program


Seal the Seasons uses Recall + Response to achieve real-time recall management

FoodLogiQ made it easy for PIM to manage suppliers and documentation

Old Soul's Farms made a commitment to food safety and traceability when they chose Track + Trace

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We are committed to advancing innovation and technology in the food industry together with our customers while delivering the highest standards of products and services. To that end, we commit to our customers that we will:

  • Align with you on your definition of success and work tirelessly to exceed that definition.
  • Deliver reliable, high-quality, easy-to-use solutions driven by industry best practices.
  • Actively seek feedback and incorporate ideas from you on how we can improve.
  • Build a partnership with you based on open and honest communication with the ultimate goal of becoming your most valued partner.

"By enhancing our quality issue reporting system with automated email notifications and custom workflows, Buffalo Wild Wings is improving communications with our suppliers and increasing supply chain visibility all while saving us time and resources"

Erin Kvittem, Enterprise Supply Chain Professional at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“With our traceability system in place, it will be easier to work with existing supplier partners and onboard new suppliers – including more local and regional suppliers. This will give us greater visibility and assurance that we are using the very best sources of food that we can find.”

Heidi Wederquist, Director of Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Chipotle Supply Chain Team.

"FoodLogiQ brings creative solutions and valuable industry knowledge to the table, they care about our success and have been a great partner."

Matt Rogers, Senior Global Produce Coordinator, WHOLE FOODS MARKET.

“FoodLogiQ has opened up increased visibility into our supply chain. With custom workflows and enhanced quality incident management reporting, we have seen vastly improved communications with our distributors and suppliers while also saving our operators a ton of time.”

Jeremy Lyle, Vice President of Supply Chain at Raising Cane’s.

"FoodLogiQ has been a tremendous help in getting all of our food safety documentation in one spot. The data can be easily utilized for customer requests, tracking of audit status and will be invaluable for FSMA compliance."

Sharan Lanini, Director Food Safety at Pacific International Marketing.

"We needed a robust supply chain technology platform, like FoodLogiQ, that will support our rapidly growing business needs. FoodLogiQ will provide us the supply chain visibility, enhanced traceability and will help streamline supplier engagement to create the time savings that we desire as an expanding business."

Patrick Mateer, CEO of Seal the Seasons.

"We truly have vendors who are partners in the business with us, and our suppliers make up the fabric of our brand. FoodLogiQ enables us to build greater collaboration and visibility with our suppliers so that we can not only protect the Five Guys brand, but protect our suppliers as well."

Carl Napiwocki, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Five Guys.

“We came in contact with FoodLogiQ because of their work with Whole Foods and thought the platform was sleek... I was empowered to design and configure FoodLogiQ Connect the way I thought would be best for Amazon and our customers. I am a true believer in FoodLogiQ Connect; the time saved managing documentation is now spent on strategic initiatives to grow the company. FoodLogiQ has taken our suggestions and incorporated them into the platform. I notice continual improvements and as a customer, that means a lot.”

Javier Leon, Grower Compliance and Marketing at Amazon Produce Network.

“FoodLogiQ has saved me time by centralizing my supply chain data, supplier communications and documents in one place. It enables National Cortina to be FSMA and FSVP compliant, and made our very first FDA inspection a breeze.”

Breanna Neff, Food Scientist and QA Director at National Cortina.

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