CAVA Grill Discusses the Importance of Traceability

Hear Sarela Herrada, Director of Food and Beverage at CAVA Grill, discuss why traceability is a must have in the food industry.

Here are just a few of the companies that are using FoodLogiQ Connect to address supplier management, food traceability, food safety and sustainability in their organizations.

“FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor will lay the foundation for a digital transformation of our supplier management system and test the applicability of blockchain within our supply chain.”

Markon is utilizing FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor to achieve a global view of their supplier quality management and greater transparency across their supply chain.

About a year after their successful implementation of FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor, Tropical Smoothie and FoodLogiQ began collaborating on strategies to increase adoption with quality issue tracking and reporting.

IPC/Subway partnered with FoodLogiQ to create an enhanced traceability program. Their vision was to achieve full supply chain visibility.

After successfully launching FoodLogiQ Connect for more than a year and a half, FoodLogiQ partnered with Five Guys to develop a go-live strategy with quality issue tracking and reporting that would include all North American restaurants.

National Cortina sailed through their FDA inspection by streamlining supplier compliance. They selected FoodLogiQ due to the user-friendly interface that is easily configurable to their specific FSMA & FDA compliance needs.

Buffalo Wild Wings reveals the secret to saving time managing quality issues. To achieve visibility, Buffalo Wild Wings is using FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor for supplier and quality issue management.

Seal the Seasons is able to notify their supply chain in real-time and activate a product recall at any point along the supply chain with FoodLogiQ Connect Recall + Response.

“Our ROI has been immediate due to the time and money-savings we’ve experienced, and Manage + Monitor has made that possible.”

Sharan Lanini
Sharan Lanini, Director of Food Safety at Pacific International Marketing

Amazon Produce Network implemented FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor to streamline processes and create overall supply chain visibility for their brand.

“FoodLogiQ jumped out at us as not only providing services for some of our customers, but the product itself is really clean, easy to use and very customizable.”

Ethan Snyder, Founder, Old Soul’s Farms

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