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Getting Started with Traceability

Learn about some of the companies that are using FoodLogiQ Connect to address supplier management, food traceability, food safety and sustainability in their organizations.

Whole Foods Market Uses Recall + Response to Improve Compliance, Food Safety, and Quality Standards

“We really enjoy working on projects with FoodLogiQ; they have been equally as agile when our plans have to change. They are flexible, supportive, thoughtful, and responsive. A big part of what makes Whole Foods different is our quality standards and our quest to push the grocery industry forward. FoodLogiQ helps us do that every day.”

Victoria Goss

Victoria Goss
Team Leader, Project Management of the Food Safety Process Improvement Team
Whole Foods Market

Amazon Produce Network implemented FoodLogiQ Connect’s Manage + Monitor to streamline processes and create overall supply chain visibility for their brand.

“Traceability is a must in the food industry. If we don’t know the steps that our food travels through the supply chain, we’re not going to understand the complexity and the risk behind it. If we don’t know the risk, we can’t control it.”

Director of Food & Beverage at CAVA Grill
Conagra Brands

“At Conagra, we are continuously looking for the most innovative solutions to modernize food safety practices throughout our operations. FoodLogiQ’s quality management system will help us operate our supply chain more efficiently and effectively to deliver safe and high-quality products.”

Chris Fosse
Chris Fosse, Vice President, Quality at Conagra Brands

“Prior to the updates that I made using FoodLogiQ, a credit decision would take about 30 days. Currently, our average time for a credit decision is about 4-6 days from submission to close.”

Jason Brown
Jason Brown, Quality Assurance Specialist at Dine Brands

“We think of FoodLogiQ as our fourth certification employee!”


Senior Impact and Information Management Officer at EFI
First Watch

“First Watch is committed to quality assurance, and we strive to provide the highest level of food safety to maintain trust with our customers. FoodLogiQ provides a platform to facilitate this.”

Jasmin Hagan
Jasmine Hagan, Senior Quality Assurance Manager at First Watch

After successfully launching FoodLogiQ Connect for more than a year and a half, FoodLogiQ partnered with Five Guys to develop a go-live strategy with quality issue tracking and reporting that would include all North American restaurants.

Frontier Co-op

“Manage + Monitor has helped us improve on recording, rectifying and trending quality incidents, allowing Frontier to have the evidence and report directly to the supplier to ensure a recoup of costs. FoodLogiQ has one of the best, most attentive and responsive customer service support team that I have had in any tech or business partner.”

Greg Sommerville at Frontier Co-op

“FoodLogiQ jumped out at us as not only providing services for some of our customers, but the product itself is really clean, easy to use and very customizable.”

Ethan Snyder, Founder at Old Soul’s Farms

“The quality of documents has now risen, rather than having old and outdated information in our Teams folders to review. All of our new suppliers and distributors know what to expect whenever they are onboarded so that there is no guessing. And just having an established internal review [process] within QDOBA has really made it easy.”

Kenneth Barlahan, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Lead at QDOBA

“We want to make sure that we’re providing the safest food at the highest quality. The only way to really do that is to keep track of each individual supplier on a regular basis. You have to turn to technology.”

Red Lobster

“A robust traceability platform is critical to safe food. Because of our business model and decentralization, we work with many growers and distributors. We are the critical link between these stakeholders and our consumers, and it’s our job to protect the future of their food. FoodLogiQ Connect allows us to do this in a fast, efficient manner, with full visibility into our supply chain.”

 Supply Chain R&D Manager at sweetgreen

“We want our suppliers and restaurants to be addicted to FoodLogiQ Connect. Food safety for our customers is at the heart of that addiction.”

Brando Tijerina​circle
Brando Tijerina, Manager of Quality Assurance at Taco John’s

“Tyson’s goal is to maintain supply chain transparency across our operations. FoodLogiQ Manage+Monitor enables us by leveraging technology to connect with and monitor our external partner’s food safety & quality compliance programs and by streamlining our ability to track supplier incidents and conduct audits”.

Scott Brooks, Senior Vice President, Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Tyson Foods, Inc.

“With FoodLogiQ’s help and advice, we have implemented a solution that has truly made a difference in raising our audit scores across stores.”

Bryna Wortham
Bryna Wortham, Director of Global Quality Assurance at Whole Foods Market

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