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Case Study

Whole Foods Market Uses Recall + Response to Improve Compliance, Food Safety, and Quality Standards


Whole Foods Market seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. While this is a core part of their business strategy, the world of food safety is continuously changing and became even more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food safety is a top priority at Whole Foods Market.  Ensuring they offer the safest, highest quality food is critical to maintaining the trust they’ve built as leaders in the culinary and retail food industry. 


Whole Foods Market recognizes how important timely and accurate recalls are for any grocery retailer. As a company that is continuously striving to be a leader in food safety and compliance, Whole Foods Market sought out ways to transform their response and recall process.


Whole Foods Market partnered with FoodLogiQ to build a real-time, automated product recall management system to pull recalled or withdrawn products from their shelves as quickly as possible using the Recall + Response  functionality. The Whole Foods Market team implemented this FoodLogiQ technology to help their organization respond to recalls and to cut the time it takes for stores to acknowledge a recall and resolve Class I or Class II withdrawals as quickly as possible. The solution also enhanced reporting and recall execution, leveraging a very intuitive user interface that enabled corporate locations to provide photos and detailed attachments to help store associates locate the exact recalled product.


The FoodLogiQ Recall + Response product enabled Whole Foods Market to achieve incredible results.  As a result of this implementation, Whole Foods Market was able to proactively prepare digital templates for common types of recalls and stock withdrawals, meetings all standards and legal guidelines. They were also able to streamline recall communications, enabling Whole Foods Market to initiate a recall or stock withdrawal to all their contacts and locations simultaneously.  The team at Whole Foods was able to monitor via their live online dashboard within the FoodLogiQ platform to see precisely how many locations were responding to alerts as a recall or withdrawal occurred and overall were able to increase the speed and accuracy of recalls and withdrawals by targeting specific locations or products and evaluating response metrics. 

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Whole Foods Market was able to build in an automated escalation process if no action is taken at a specific location or contact is not initiated within a specific timeframe.

Leveraging FoodLogiQ’s technology, Whole Foods Market can now easily export a digital paper trail for a single recall for regulatory agencies to demonstrate how they responded to a recall.

Key Performance Indicators

  • WFM had a 56% decrease in average time to complete Class I and Class II recalls
  • WFM reduced the average time to acknowledge a recall notification by 79%
  • Reduced average time to complete recalls across all classes by 58%
  • WFM was able to reduce system-generated escalations at 30% of stores down to 3%
Victoria Goss

“We really enjoy working on projects with FoodLogiQ; they have
been equally as agile when our plans have to change, they are flexible, supportive, thoughtful, and responsive. A big part of what makes Whole Foods different is our quality standards and our quest to push the grocery industry forward. FoodLogiQ helps us do that every day.”

Victoria Goss
Team Leader, Project Management of the Food Safety Process Improvement Team for Whole Foods Market