Collect & Centralize Supplier Location Information

Convenient, fast and kept in one platform. See how easy managing your location information can be, with FoodLogiQ Connect.

Keep your location data in a central platform

Check location data as it comes in – it only enters our platform with your approval. Customize and filter against your unique required information for easier supplier management.

Get away from spreadsheets and phone calls. Locations can submit and share your required information and documents through the web application or batch uploads, and you control the approvals. Centralize your location data.


Onboard your locations quickly and accurately

Batch upload location information to save time, and manage them from a single web platform. Add location modules to your dashboard for quick analysis. Use filters to easily find specific suppliers.

Be prepared to answer every question your stakeholders have around locations – with the best data available. Enforce your program requirements by location with workflows and easy communications within Connect.


Centralize and verify your location data with FoodLogiQ Connect

Review and collect appropriate location information, and standardize your supply chain location management while saving time.