Create Templates And Workflows For Automated Incident Management

Capture quality issues anywhere across your supply chain, and get away from time-consuming email and phone calls.

Automate your incident process and step away from spreadsheets and phone calls

Create templates that capture the exact fields for your unique supply chain needs. Use workflows to define who needs to take action and who will receive notifications along the way.

Use the web interface or the Connect mobile application to capture quality issues anywhere in your supply chain – including photographic evidence directly in the issue report.


Report issues directly to suppliers and distributors – and request credit

Once you’ve submitted an incident report specific to a supplier or distributor, process and track credit requests directly within Connect.

In the event that documentation is needed, Connect preserves a digital trail of each incident report that’s resolved in the platform, including every step of the communications along the way.


Simplify your incident management process with FoodLogiQ Connect

Submit and track incidents through the Connect mobile app or web interface, and issue credit requests directly from the platform. Bring your quality issues into a single source of truth that increases accuracy and efficiency for your team.