Supply Chain Reporting

FoodLogiQ Connect’s Reports feature is integrated with all of your supply chain data – from supplier management and quality incidents to locations and documents.

Plan your supply chain management and easily export your data

Build your reports around the metrics that matter to your business so you can make the right decisions.

Once you’ve identified the most important metrics – get them to your team. Export report visuals in image files or via PDF, whichever you prefer. Build reporting into FoodLogiQ Connect platform workflows to deliver them on a regular schedule to your stakeholders.

Supply Chain Reporting Software

Use real-time data to quickly solve problems

Incidents becoming an issue with a certain supplier? Chart their incidents over time – reported directly in the FoodLogiQ Connect platform – and determine whether they’re progressing toward the outcome your company needs. Take corrective action using the best data available.

Food Incident Reporting

Transform your supply chain data with FoodLogiQ Connect

Review incident and events in real time, with customized reporting you can tailor to your business needs.