Easier Supplier Management

FoodLogiQ Connect’s supplier management is integrated with all of your supplier data – from documents and products to audits and assessments.

Invite your suppliers with a customized onboarding workflow

Build your supplier community through customized templates that capture your most important program requirements. Create documentation for your suppliers, and communicate with them directly through Connect when expiration dates are approaching.

Once your suppliers have been onboarded, monitor their performance through your dashboard view. Use our supplier ratings to identify top performers and areas of improvement. Make informed decisions about your supply chain.


Communicate with suppliers from a single source

Create communities around location or product attributes of your choosing, for easier supplier management and communications. Customize what your suppliers see when they log in, whether that’s expired documentation, approved or rejected locations, and more in the supplier dashboard.

If issues arise, easily communicate them directly through Connect.


Save time on supplier relationship management with FoodLogiQ Connect

Onboard your suppliers with workflows around products, locations and required documentation. Organize them into custom communities and monitor their performance through dashboard views.