Trace Forward And Backward During Supply Chain Investigations

Identify root cause issues with precise, visual event investigations – and take action to improve your supply chain.

Supply Chain Investigation

Visualize your entire supply chain event flow

Once an issue arises, identify common lots. Use filter functionality to quickly identify the specific products and locations impacted by your selection criteria. Trace individual products backward and forward through their events and accurately address only the products and locations affected by your investigation.

Food Supply Chain Investigation

Identify convergences of affected lots during investigations to highlight likely issue sources

Visualize the path of products and drill down to detailed data. Use convergence analysis across your events to increase accuracy when responding to issues. Get affected product out of your supply chain faster.

Once your investigation has concluded, export the full scope – including locations, shipments and receipts, and transformation data.

Food Supply Chain Traceability

Identify the root cause of supply chain issues quickly and accurately with FoodLogiQ Connect

Use Investigations to trace product and ingredient issues across your entire supply chain, and take targeted action. Visualize every event the product was involved in.