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Food retail is changing rapidly. Address traceability needs and consumer demands for transparency – with FoodLogiQ Connect

Traceability and the mounting demands of fresh food service

Retail supply chains need traceability

With the added complexity of the global food supply chain, consumer demands for transparency in the wake of major recalls, and a regulators pushing for a New Era of Smarter Food Safety, quality professionals in a food retail or grocery business must have the ability to track and trace their suppliers’ product to the final destination. Traceability software like FoodLogiQ Connect enables products to be made visible across the supply chain, building the fundamental blocks within quality, risk management and other types of systems.

As more food retailers move toward the “Grocerant,” this issue only becomes more prevalent. Grocerants offer restaurant-quality, fresh food offered within the convenience of a grocery store setting. Retail grocery chains are raising the bar on their foodservice offerings and by doing so are attracting the coveted millenial market.

The popularity of convenient, healthy prepared meals and the rise of online grocery shopping are placing greater demands for digital transparency on grocers. In-store dining and take-out of prepared foods from retail grocers has grown nearly 30 percent since 2008, and accounted for 2.4 billion in foodservice visits and $10 billion of consumer spending in 2015. Over 40 percent of the U.S. population purchases prepared foods from grocery stores, and as this number grows, the need for traceability is higher than ever.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Track from grower to distribution center to retail location. Get the data needed to take swift action when a recall situation arises
  • Visualize your supply chain in real-time using Critical Tracking Events
  • Provide your customers with true supply chain information – backing up your marketing with authentic and accurate data

Grocerants are a new challenge for food retailers

Your customers crave transparency

As food retailers look to expand the grocery experience beyond seating or menu options, building out food transparency and enhanced food safety within this growing market is critical. Just as consumers are demanding supply chain transparency from restaurants, the same demands are being placed on retail grocers.

Given the rise of online grocery and the grocerant trend, customers expect fresh produce and meats to be of the best quality. But in our interview with Dr. Kaitlin Wowak, Notre Dame professor and lead author of the study “Tracing Bad Products in Supply Chains,” companies aren’t doing everything they could:

“Perishable products, like fresh produce and meats, flow through the supply chain very quickly. And while federal regulations mandate that firms have traceability one step up and down the chain, this may not be sufficient for these perishable products. In those situations, there is often a gap in the information received about the product, say a positive Listeria test, and where that product went in the supply chain.”

With the news full of food safety recalls and withdrawals, and increasingly empowered consumers always looking for more information about the safety and healthiness of their food, the food retailer that puts an end-to-end traceability system in place will reap the biggest benefits.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Capture quality incidents in real-time, from a mobile app at any location
  • Report on suppliers through a centralized hub, enabling continuous improvement across your supply chain
  • Control withdrawals and recalls efficiently, including required documentation and exportable plans
  • Highlight top performers and areas of improvement in real-time

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