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Cut the supply chain complexity

From farm-to-fork, the fresh produce industry faces a host of supply chain challenges, many of which relate to how much data your company has at its fingertips. Quality reporting, food safety and traceability and labeling are just a few examples.

Grower-packer-shippers and brokers must keep up with these details and comply with regulations while maximizing efficiency across their operations. That’s why more of these businesses are turning to specialized software to help automate and improve their traceability, labeling and safety efforts.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • See exactly which suppliers have expired documentation, failed audits or which suppliers have the most quality incidents
  • Make decisions with confidence using Connect’s dashboard view, populated with real-time food safety data
  • Evaluate your suppliers and rate their sustainability performance using FoodLogiQ’s star rating system – get a deeper understanding of the sustainability practices of your suppliers

Growers are facing a more proactive and aggressive FDA

Be ready for FSMA and other regulation changes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has forever changed the grower industry by passing and implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). These rules affect international and domestic produce growers, address import safety and outline guidance for food companies importing from foreign suppliers as well as outline a plan for establishing a comprehensive and reliable program for third‐party audits and certification of foreign food facilities.

Rules around produce growers, foreign supplier verification and 3rd-party accreditation have created a need for software that can manage the documentation, verification and audits and accreditations necessary to do business in today’s grower market.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Easily access the recordkeeping required by FSMA Preventive Controls. Quickly compile needed documentation when the FDA asks for it
  • Create and manage audits, withdrawal records and compliance plans for suppliers with FoodLogiQ’s FSMA software, and export them as needed
  • Keep all of your compliance requirements in one, centralized location. Meet the mounting regulations under the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

Food quality documentation outside of the cloud is a headache

Quality control – in the cloud

How does your company address quality control right now? Is that data managed in spreadsheets or physical files? If the FDA demands documentation, could you provide it within 24 hours? That’s why an online platform is indispensable – one that provides easy data exports and a clear trail of your safety plans for regulators.

In an interview with a small Florida grower, the emphasis on safety and quality through traceability is a clear focus for the industry:

“We continue to use every tool we can,” he said. “We are constantly improving traceability methods, and food safety remains our No. 1 focus. Food safety and the quality of produce are probably No. 1 on everyone’s list these days. Our consumers have to have confidence in what we grow. We take that very seriously.”

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Monitor your suppliers through audits and assessments and benchmark your suppliers’ performance. Get access to industry-leading templates for supplier management
  • View supplier relations in a one-stop dashboard. At a quick glance, see exactly which suppliers have expired documentation, failed audits or which suppliers have the most quality incidents
  • Manage  your key documents and food safety plans for quick reference in the Cloud. Approve documents and keep track of different versions

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