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The restaurant industry is changing – get ahead of it with FoodLogiQ Connect

Restaurant operators are facing a rapidly changing marketplace – one that demands traceability & transparency

Food traceability – made easier

Restaurant operators’ food safety practices have come under the magnifying glass – from consumers, to regulators, to shareholders. With consumers caring about the nation’s supply chain and where their food comes from more than ever before, and high profile-news reports around recalls and withdrawals issued by the FDA issued seemingly weekly, it’s no surprise that the restaurant operator industry needs solutions like FoodLogiQ Connect to simplify food safety, traceability and sustainability.

The Food Safety Modernization Act, passed in January 2011, symbolizes the greatest regulatory shift in over 70 years. The FSMA rules mandate proactively addressing food safety issues, rather than reacting after a foodborne illness has already occurred. FoodLogiQ Connect keeps you prepared for changing regulations in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Benchmark supplier performance through audits and assessments. Continuously monitor for issues and take corrective action armed with clear data.
  • Capture food quality incidents and report them in real time to suppliers. Recoup quality costs and track credit requests directly.
  • Trace farm-to-fork, from grower to distribution center to restaurant. Visualize each point of the chain with Critical Tracking Events for all your products.

These leading restaurant operators use FoodLogiQ Connect to advance their food safety programs:

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Chipotle - Mexican Grill

Restaurants are feeling the brunt of new regulations in the eyes of the consumer

Tackle FSMA compliance & new regulation head on

On January 4th, 2011, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law, shifting the focus of FDA regulators from responding to food safety issues to preventing them. The burden now falls on the restaurant operator to create a proactive approach to food safety and traceability.

FoodLogiQ Connect arms restaurant operators with the right information should the FDA come calling during an investigation. Required recordkeeping, automated workflows and foreign supplier verification are all available directly in the platform.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Create and manage audits, withdrawal records and compliance planning for suppliers. Keep your FSMA documentation in one accessible place.
  • Meet industry standards and regulations from SQF, BRC and GFSI. certifications to FDA, FSMA, HACCP/HARCP and ISO 22000 requirements
  • Export your documentation and compliance plans at any time. Respond to an FDA request quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Recalls are on the rise across the restaurant industry, and the FDA is watching

Reducing recall risk is key

When a major brand experiences a recall, the damage to the brand, not to mention the costs of the recall itself, can be massive. Consumers have more sources than ever before to make informed decisions about the food they eat, and where it came from.

A recent study by Dr. Kaitlin Wowak at the University of Notre Dame found that being able to trace a product through the supply chain is critical to quickly locating and removing bad products during a food recall. From the study:

“We talked to companies who, when faced with a recall, pulled product out of their supply chain and only 50 percent of that product was actually tainted. The other 50 percent was perfectly fine. That gets really expensive for the company, not to mention contributing to the mounting issue of food waste. But they don’t have a choice without the visibility that end-to-end traceability allows.”

Speed and accuracy are incredibly important during a food recall whether you’re dealing with listeria, salmonella, or incorrect labeling. FoodLogiQ Connect’s end-to-end traceability capabilities are key to implementing corrective actions – before a recall situation arises. Continuously improvement your supplier management processes by gathering Critical Tracking Events forward and backward across the supply chain.

With FoodLogiQ Connect you can:

  • Gather Critical Tracking Events forward and backward across the supply chain, unlocking continuous improvement for all your suppliers. 
  • Use Connect’s Investigations feature to identify food safety or quality issues and trace forward to withdraw product quickly and accurately.
  • Stitch together Critical Tracking Events for your products into a cohesive real-time visualization of your supply chain.

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