Audits and Assessments

Schedule, track, and manage food safety audits and assessments in the Cloud

With mounting food safety regulations across the industry, FoodLogiQ´s COMPLIANCE allows you to ease FSMA compliance with streamlined supplier documentation and templated workflows to implement corrective actions, support supplier verification and centralize required recordkeeping.

Dashboard View

At a glance, see the status of all your internal and external audits in the system, including schedules, status and next steps.

Product Specifications

Conduct audits against product specifications to better identify when products from your suppliers are out-of-spec. Define input fields and tolerance rules to ensure consistent quality of your products across your business.

Audit Visibility

Track the progress of facility audits and certifications online in real-time and review the certification process of your suppliers – as well as your supplier’s suppliers.

Enhanced Reporting

Compare supplier responses and scores by quickly filtering and segmenting their responses. Select from multiple report types, increase visibility into your organization and make smarter business decisions.

Scheduling Tools

Reduce the time needed to schedule audits and assessments of your suppliers and receive notifications when an audit or assessment is available to be completed or ready to be reviewed.

Meet Industry Requirements

Cover all the major government and industry accreditations including GLOBAL G.A.P., BRC, IFS, SQF and PrimusGFS, as well as corporate food safety standards managed by major retailers and restaurants.

Food Quality Audit Management

Managing food quality audits has become increasingly complex in the world of FSMA, FSVP and evolving regulation of the food industry. Consumers are hyper-vigilant about the quality of the food they eat, and the transparency practices of the food companies that produce it for them. Without an effective food quality audit program, a major quality incident can destroy your brand loyalty and send customers to competitors.

Are your auditors mired in spreadsheets and phone calls? It’s an error-prone process that duplicates efforts, and it’s time for an upgrade. FoodLogiQ Connect puts a powerful platform in the hands of your team – including a fully functional mobile app for going onsite.

Track the progress of your auditing team and know where your suppliers stand – complete with notifications around expiration and workflows. Completely customize your key audit documents and standardize them across your entire supply chain – in a single platform – to ensure data integrity and food quality.

Experience what FOODLOGIQ COMPLIANCE can do for your company

Create, schedule, manage, and monitor audits with our audit management system.