Blockchain Pilot

FoodLogiQ, together with a select group of customers including AgBiome Innovations, Subway®/Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Testo, Tyson Foods and others, is launching a Blockchain pilot to test the application of this emerging technology. The goal of Blockchain is to raise transparency within the food supply chain.

“As a technology pioneer with a legacy of success in enhanced traceability, FoodLogiQ will be taking the lead on blockchain exploration within the food space”. – Dean Wiltse, CEO, FoodLogiQ.

During the project, which is set to kickoff in Q3 2018 by the tech company’s innovation arm FoodLogiQ Labs, the pilot group will research the opportunities and challenges of this emerging technology. Visit FoodLogiQ Blockchain Pilot for more information on becoming involved.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an emerging technology offering a way for companies to transact with each other and move assets around the world in a secure manner. What makes blockchain unique is that it is a shared, permanent ledger that records all the transactions in chronological order that cannot be altered or deleted. While this approach holds promise on raising transparency in the food industry, there is much yet to be tested and validated on it’s real-world application within the food chain.

State of Food Traceability E-Book

Learn why a modernized supply chain with standardized data built on GS1 Standards is imperative in preparation for becoming blockchain ready.

Get Blockchain Ready with FoodLogiQ On-Demand Demo

Watch the demo and learn what blockchain is, what it isn’t and what it will take for blockchain to be successful in the food supply chain.

GS1 and Blockchain: What this Means for the Food Industry

Through the use of GS1 Standards, data stored by planned blockchain networks could be formatted for shared communications and data.

FoodLogiQ Launches API Platform to Connect Food Chain

FoodLogiQ’s API as a Service offering within the FoodLogiQ Connect platform allows the food industry to centralize IoT and blockchain data.

FoodLogiQ Connect offers precision and accuracy where you need it most

Visualize your supply chain from farm-to-fork, using our web and mobile apps.