FSMA & Regulatory Compliance

Ease regulatory compliance

With mounting food safety regulation across the industry, FoodLogiQ´s Compliance allows you to ease compliance for regulations like FSMA with streamlined supplier documentation and template workflows to implement corrective actions, support supplier verification, and centralize required recordkeeping.

Records In The Cloud

Quick and easy access to the recordkeeping required by FSMA Preventive Controls. Quickly compile needed documentation when the FDA asks for it.

Be Audit-ready

Create and manage audits, withdrawal records and compliance plans for suppliers with FoodLogiQ’s FSMA solutions, and export them as needed.

Supplier Verification

Keep all of your compliance requirements in one, centralized location. Meet the mounting regulations under the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP).

One Version Of The Truth

Access to the most up-to-date records required under FSMA and reduce the risk of outdated, inconsistent or inaccurate records.

Meet Industry Requirements

Food compliance software that meets industry standards and regulations from SQF, BRC and GFSI certifications to FDA, FSMA, HACCP/HARCP and ISO 22000 requirements.

Focus On Food

FoodLogiQ’s compliance management software was created by food safety professionals for the modern food supply chain.

Ease the burden of FSMA regulations with FoodLogiQ Connect

Streamline your compliance and documentation efforts and reduce your recall risks.