Quality Incident Management

Capture and track quality issues, centralize communication with suppliers and process credit requests

Achieving visibility into the quality issues you are experiencing in your supply chain can be challenging and time consuming. With FoodLogiQ Connect, you can capture food quality issues anywhere in your supply chain, report them in real-time and recoup the costs of nonconforming product.


Capture quality issues anywhere across your supply chain and know exactly where you need to address risks and quality incidents.

Efficient Supplier Communication

Every step of the process, including comments and status updates, is documented in the FoodLogiQ platform, removing the need for time-consuming emails or phone calls.

Streamlined Credit Requests

Report issues directly to your suppliers and distributors. Process and track credit requests all within the platform to recoup costs faster.

Customized Workflows

Leverage tailored fields for incident types and requirements to meet the needs of your unique supply chain.

Dashboard View

An “at-a-glance” view of your quality issues by supplier, location and type using FoodLogiQ Connect’s Dashboard.

Reporting And Analytics

Continuously monitor your suppliers and benchmark performance tied to quality incidents and other supplier rating criteria.

Get ahead of safety & quality issues with FoodLogiQ Connect

Capture quality incidents to communicate efficiently your suppliers, unlocking supply chain improvement over time.