Safety & Quality Management

Reduce stock withdrawals by 33%

Achieve supply chain transparency with FoodLogiQ’s MANAGE + MONITOR. Communicate across your supply chain to prevent tainted or poor quality products from being delivered to your consumers and proactively implement corrective actions before major issues arise.

Dashboard View

At a quick glance, see exactly which suppliers have expired documentation, failed audits or which suppliers have the most quality incidents.

Incident Management

Capture food quality incidents and report them in real-time to your suppliers. Recoup the costs of quality incidents and track credit requests directly from your suppliers.

Document Management

Manage food quality and safety documentation, prerequisite programs, and product specifications. Approve documents and keep track of versioning with ease.

Meet Industry Requirements

Food compliance software that meets industry standards and regulations from SQF, BRC and GFSI certifications to FDA, FSMA, HACCP/HARCP and ISO 22000 requirements.

Audit Management

Continuously monitor your suppliers through  food safety audits and assessments, and benchmark your suppliers’ performance. Create and manage withdrawal records and compliance plans for suppliers.

Reporting And Analytics

Food safety audit and assessment reporting in one place.  Continuously monitor your suppliers and benchmark performance tied to supplier rating.

Get ahead of safety & quality issues with FoodLogiQ Connect

Capture quality incidents to communicate to your suppliers, unlocking supply chain improvement over time.