Manage + Monitor

Cut the time it takes you to manage your suppliers in half

Consumers are craving more transparency. Recalls are on the rise. And FSMA regulatory compliance requirements are stricter than ever. FoodLogiQ Connect gives you a global view of your supplier quality management and greater transparency across your supply chain.

Dashboard Supplier View

Supplier relations in a one-stop dashboard. At a quick glance, see exactly which suppliers have expired documentation, failed audits or which suppliers have the most quality incidents.

Supplier Star Rating

Supplier performance management backed by supply chain data. Rate supplier performance using FoodLogiQ’s star rating system – and get a deeper understanding of where there are quality issues in your supply chain.

Document Management

Manage  your key documents and food safety plans for quick reference in the Cloud. Approve documents and keep track of different  versions.

Act On Real-time Data

FoodLogiQ’s food safety software brings real-time data into your Connect dashboard so it’s always up-to-date and enables you to make decisions with confidence.

Assess And Audit

Continuously monitor your suppliers through audits and assessments and benchmark your suppliers’ performance. Implement product specification strategies to audit suppliers’ products and locations for adherence to your defined specifications.

Branded For You

Build your own branded online supplier community and onboard all of your suppliers at once.

Supplier Management Software

How much time do you spend managing your food suppliers? If you fail to manage and monitor your suppliers, adverse situations like recalls or withdrawals can quickly spiral out of control. By effectively managing your supplier relationships you can deliver your brand promise and give your customers exactly what they’re asking for.

With FoodLogiQ Connect, you can create custom onboarding workflows that fit the unique needs of your supply chain – including required fields around documents, locations and products. Once you’ve standardized your supply chain management across the platform, communicate to your suppliers directly around expiring documentation, audit scheduling and more. Scorecard your supply chain to identify areas of improvement over time.

Use the completely customizable Connect dashboard to keep important metrics at your fingertips, and drill down to the live data for further analysis when needed. Improve your supplier risk management and be prepared to respond quickly and accurately to supply chain issues.

Get ahead of safety & quality issues with FoodLogiQ Connect

Capture quality incidents to communicate to your suppliers, unlocking supply chain improvement over time.