FoodLogiQ Compliance

Take control of your supplier management

Consumers are demanding more transparency. Recalls are on the rise. And regulatory compliance requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are stricter than ever. FoodLogiQ’s Compliance solution gives you a global view of your supplier relationships, enables streamlined quality incident management, and grants greater transparency across your supply chain.

Optimize and centralize across your supply chain

Manage and improve your ongoing supply chain processes, including supplier performance, documentation and communication. Build an online supplier community and onboard your suppliers all at once, reducing the time it takes to capture supplier data and manage partner communication. Stay on top of required recordkeeping, reducing the time needed to access necessary documentation from hours to minutes. Document and swiftly address quality incidents, conduct audits and assessments, and automatically assign corrective actions to maintain ongoing compliance.

  • Increase the percentage of suppliers compliant with your QA, food safety and business standards by at least 30-50%.
  • Drive supplier engagement through features such as automated workflows and the Supplier To-Do List.
  • Improve direct margin by increasing credit request approvals by 25%.
  • Reduce the time it takes to access required documentation from hours to minutes.
  • Reduce the time it takes to capture and manage supplier data, responses and interactions.
  • Communicate quality standards to enable continuous improvement across your supply chain.

Centralized, Configurable Dashboard

At a glance, gain full visibility into your suppliers’ current status and performance. Review expired documentation, failed audits and which suppliers have the most quality incidents via a one-stop dashboard.

Immediate, Actionable Insights

Access an instant snapshot of your entire supply chain in real-time. Review expired documentation, audit results, action items and quality incidents to identify trends over time. Make decisions with confidence, faster.

Extensive Document Management

Stay atop required documentation for preventive measures, ongoing compliance and uninterrupted operations. Manage all your documentation, including certifications and food safety plans, in the Cloud for easy reference.

Dedicated, Branded Community

Build your own branded online community to collaborate across your supply chain. Onboard all of your suppliers at once, and configure dashboards based on role to showcase priority items and streamline processes.

Straightforward Supplier Experience

Guide your suppliers through an easy-to-use, streamlined experience from onboarding to ongoing. Ensure suppliers stay atop necessary documentation and assessments to maintain compliance with automated Supplier To-Dos.

Audit and Assess with Ease

Continuously monitor your suppliers and benchmark their performance through audits and assessments. Execute recurring first, second and third-party audits from anywhere at any time – regardless of internet connection.

Supplier Management Software

How much time do you spend managing your food suppliers? Are your efforts effective? The answer to each of these questions is crucial and can have a lasting, impactful effect on the overarching success of your brand.

Failure to efficiently engage, manage and monitor your suppliers often results in product recalls or withdrawals, the consequences of which can quickly spiral out of control. However, by effectively managing your supplier relationships, you can deliver on a brand promise, meet and exceed customer expectations, and build loyalty and trust.

With FoodLogiQ Compliance, supplier management is centralized and streamlined yet configurable to meet your organization’s needs. Customers can review key supplier performance metrics, such as audit and quality incident data, on the intuitive and configurable FoodLogiQ Connect dashboard. Utilize Reporting to drill down into real-time data for deeper analysis. With FoodLogiQ Compliance, customers can request credits from key stakeholders, such as distributors and suppliers, without leaving the platform.

Create automated onboarding workflows that fit the unique needs across your supply chain – including required fields around documents, locations, and products. Guide suppliers through an experience built with adoption, intuitiveness, and ease of use in mind. The Supplier To-Do List dynamically alerts and reminds suppliers of which documents, details, and actions need attention to comply with your food safety program continually.

Stratas Foods

“With FoodLogiQ Connect, everything we need to fulfill customer requirements is on a streamlined dashboard. It’s very user-friendly and provides us with a checklist so we know exactly what we need to do. I wish all of our customers used FoodLogiQ.”

Kelley Singleton
Senior Manager of Corporate Quality Assurance at Stratas Foods

FoodLogiQ Compliance empowers you to standardize your supply chain management, collaborate internally and externally among partners, and onboard and communicate directly with your suppliers – all while serving as a single source of truth. Streamline your processes, increase supplier engagement, and communicate quality standards to enable continual improvement across your supply chain, as well as increase overall product quality. Improve your supplier risk management, and be prepared to respond quickly and intelligently to supply chain issues.

Transform Your Supplier Management. Get Ahead of Quality Issues. Enhance Your Food Safety Program

Unlock continuous improvement across your supply chain with FoodLogiQ Connect.

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