Supply Chain Risk Management

Identify, assess and mitigate risks across your supply chain

Realize a more resilient business, and optimize your operations to stay nimble during the crisis with FoodLogiQ Connect. Achieve complete visibility across your supply chain to identify weaknesses, and design and deploy prevention or response programs in days, rather than weeks to minimize profit losses and liability.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Automated Crisis Communications

Deploy location-specific communications across suppliers and locations via text, email or phone. Prepare messages and recipients in advance to deploy critical communications instantaneously, and track the response in real-time through a centralized dashboard.

Document Requirements for Risk Mitigation

Adapt required supplier documentation and action based on shifting health or safety guidelines. Keep your business compliant and simplify the steps suppliers must take with the Supplier To-Do List.

Virtual Supplier Onboarding

Streamline the complex process of expanding your supply chain partnerships and sourcing new products with virtual supplier onboarding. Gather, review and store all the certifications and documentation you need to secure new partners, regardless of location, to get new suppliers up and running in days.

New Standards and Protocols Management

Design and deploy new health, safety and sanitization procedures in the form of digestible, dynamic checklists. Maintain compliance with local and federal health mandates, and keep pace with the “safety-first” consumer mentality.

Virtual Auditing

Issue and perform virtual audits of your facilities, stores and supply chain partners. Minimize employee exposure while ensuring required procedures and standards are maintained. Respond to governmental and regulatory requests with easily accessible documentation and reporting.

Inventory Traceability

Track inventory at the batch-lot level across your entire supply chain, identifying the root cause of issues through Investigations. Access a complete visualization of your supply chain, notify key stakeholders of high-risk areas within inventory trajectory, and find proactive solutions for surplus products.

Brands Managing Risk with FoodLogiQ Connect

Frontier Co-op: A Streamlined Supply Chain Enables Flexibility During COVID-19

“Using FoodLogiQ Connect’s Compliance, we have an unmatched level of visibility into our suppliers and the associated documentation. That’s proven to be extremely valuable for regulatory compliance and quality assurance, especially during COVID-19.”


Greg Sommerville
Head of Supply Integrity representing
Frontier Co-op

What is Supply Chain Risk Management?

Supply chain risk management is an operations process of preparing for and responding to legal, monetary, health and safety risks throughout the supply chain. With FoodLogiQ, businesses employ supply chain risk management for contingency planning to ensure swift and effective action can be taken when unexpected events occur, such as global health crises, foodborne illness outbreaks, environmental risks, labor violations and food adulteration or fraud. FoodLogiQ’s supply chain risk management software simplifies the execution of risk management programs, ensures proper documentation during events and enables broader oversight of supply chain weaknesses and threats. Supply chain risk management is a core tenet of running a streamlined and resilient food business.

Minimize Exposure, Maximize Efficiency

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the power of running an adaptable business. In the new normal, consumers are relying on trusted brands to deliver safe food products and experiences. Stay ahead of evolving health, safety and competitive pressures by maintaining visibility into every aspect of your supply chain and by streamlining communications, program development and risk management processes.

Monitor critical communications in real-time, and manage key standard procedures online via a centralized, intuitive platform. Stay compliant with health and safety mandates by rolling out new requirements using simple checklists, and pivot sourcing strategy with virtual supplier onboarding. Audit the completion of your most critical initiatives to ensure compliance, and validate your commitment to consumers.

Minimize exposure as your team navigates the ongoing health crisis and the disruption that ensues, leveraging the insights you need to build a more intelligent business. Cut the costs of managing your suppliers while building stronger relationships, and rise to the transparency needs of the modern food consumer.

Experience what FoodLogiQ Connect can do for your company

Let our intuitive SaaS platform minimize exposure and maximize efficiency.

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