Food Traceability Software

Trace from farm-to-fork with our traceability software and address stock withdrawals or recalls quickly when issues arise.

With our traceability software solution, easily trace back and forward in the food supply chain and reduce the time and costs associated with investigations and stock withdrawals. Identify issues within your supply chain and address them quickly with FoodLogiQ Connect. Raise the value of your brand by knowing with 100% certainty that your suppliers are providing food of the highest quality in line with your brand claims. And get better visibility of across your supply chain with real-time, quality reporting via the FoodLogiQ Quality Reporting app

Leverage industry-recognized best practices for traceability by product and location.

Compile tracking data directly from your supply chain partners.  Swiftly identify the source and reach of non-conforming quality issues.

Utilize timely and accurate information to power root-cause analysis in your business.

Trace from Farm-to-Fork with our Traceability Software

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